What Parents Are Saying About SPIRITT's Co-parenting Workshop!

"Just amazing!  Nothing should change in this class...should be mandatory for all parents!"~ L. 2018

"(The instructor) was very knowledgeable and passionate about the course...it allowed me to engage, relate andd believe in hope."  ~ C. 2018

"One of the best classes I have ever taken.  I believe it will change my life for good."  E~ 2018
"This workshop , I feel, is totally helpful and beneficial to any parents willing to take the course for the sake of their children and their own well being!!!  I thank SPIRITT very much for this workshop."   ~R. 2015 

 "I highly recommend this program to everyone that is separated from their children's other parent. I am truly grateful to have experienced this program and will be 100% a new, changed man/father. Thank you SPIRITT for having this program."  ~A.  2015

 "The course was extremely intense and ground-breaking.  There were no holds bar when it came to our ideas and emotions".  ~ M.  2016

 "This was such a helpful and thoughtful experience. I came for my partner to support her but I came out with a lot for myself and learned a lot!."  ~ J. 2016 

"I want to take the time and Thank you for unfreezing so many feelings that were suppressed and forgotten that they were frozen....My children are having such a hard time talking about their emotional and physical abuse. Now, I find myself with less weight than I carried before....Thanks again for making me realize that my every decision affects my children. Thank you." ~ E.  2016
 "This class was life-changing. I have quickly learned that I am able to break the cycle of the "child tug-of-war"".  ~E.  2016

 "It's definitely a life-changing experience, and I made the best choice by enrolling in this course. I broke walls so thick that it felt mind-blowing! I want to thank the instructor and SPIRITT for this; for opening my eyes and guiding me in the right path." ~I.  2016 

**Testimonials were provided with a written consent for publication**