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SPIRITT Co-Parenting Certification is in alignment with our core goals for our families:

Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resiliency and Recovery, and

Help you return to a state of Dignity, Love, Acceptance and Collaboration by tackling the “spell” of anger, disappointment and revenge that gets in the way of peaceful co-parenting

Help you increase the ability to see things from your child's point of view , to help your child process and heal from the pain & confusion of divorce, and

Explore new beliefs and behaviors that honor your child’s needs for today and tomorrow

Co-Parenting 2-Day Certification Overview

Divorce or separation is never easy, especially for the children who love both parents.  Co-parenting effectively can be overwhelming due to unresolved painful and confusing emotions while trying to navigate through lifestyle changes without getting the kids 'caught in the middle'. SPIRITT Co-Parenting Center understands that what you and your kids are experiencing is not easy, and you are looking for answers.

Our curriculum was designed by SPIRITT Family Services, a premier non-for-profit organization providing critical social services to families and key preventative services to strengthen families for more than 40 years. SPIRITT Co-Parenting Certification workshop is facilitated by professional mental health workers, therapist, and staff, each passionate about helping parents and their children through the challenges of divorce and rebuilding families. 


Who should attend and why?

  • Divorcing Parents or Previously Divorced Parents who are changing custody/visitation agreements
  • Never-Married Parents
  • Step-parents 
  • Grandparents
  • Educators and Social Workers
  • Legal Guardians
Co-Parenting Center is designed for parents, whether they are court-mandated or want up-to-date information to help themselves and their kids transition safely and lovingly through the divorce process.


What should I expect?

This 2-day workshop will help you identify, acknowledge, and address the feelings of grief and loss from the separation or divorce in both you and your children. Expect rich dialogue, useful exercises, quality resources and materials like videos, literature, evidence-based research to increase your sills. But most of all, expect lots of support, compassion and genuine commitment to helping you and your kids heal and grow as Families. 

We'll help you understand your child’s psycho-social development in relationship to divorce to help him or her heal and live a healthy two-home life.

We'll also show you how to use effective communication skills that facilitate a positive relationship with your child’s other parent so you can co-parent in your children’s best interest.

We hope that you gain motivation to work collaboratively with mediators, attorneys and judges to end impasse and alleviate litigation stress on you and your children.

The Curriculum

Friday Night 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.  

One the first night of your certification workshop, you are invited to talk about the affects of divorce on you and your children; how unresolved feelings of grief, anger and trauma are often at the root of conflicting co-parenting. You will learn why co-parenting can be so difficult, and take home new tools to start a more peaceful relationship with your child's other parent.  Parents also learn about the physiological affects of divorce on kids and what you can do to minimize the negative impact of a a high-conflict divorce for them.  Imagine...if your child had a time machine and could go back to future to tell you how she or he saw and felt his parent's divorce, this evening is as close as it gets to that experience! You will find a curriculum filled with insight from a child's point of view, sharing with his Mom and Dad what she wants and needs most from their parents through their separation. 

Module 1:  Understanding Divorce: Grieving and Rebuilding After the Breakup

Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

On the second day, you learn new ways of expressing feelings in a healthy, productive manner, and essentially, begin to model a new way of communication to your child by improving your communication methods with your child's other parent. The goal is to rejuvenate your relationship with your children with healthier exchanges of love, discipline and communication that create emotional peace and stability in your child's two-home life.

Module 2:  Children’s Development Through The Lens of Divorce

Module 3:  Parenting Tools Through Divorce

Module 4: Feelings and Behaviors

Module 5: Communication 

Module 6: Listening Skills

Module 7: Our Future


More SPIRITT Resources!

Our goal is to set the stage for improved communication and peaceful interactions between co-parents, blended families and their children. We understand that this takes ongoing practice and a sincere commitment to improve these life skills. Attending and completing your Co-parenting Certification is not the end rather the beginning, and the SPIRITT Co-Parenting Center is here to support you along this journey.  Please visit our agency website at to learn more about more programs and services!