To strengthen the family unit by promoting mental health and well-being through proactive programs of education, prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery, and to strengthen the individual’s self-concept through personal development, taking into consideration the multicultural communities served. See our Family Centered Model.

SPIRITT Leadership

Elvia Torres
Executive Director
Connie Morlett, MA, LMFT 
Connie Morlett, MA, LMFT


  "SPIRITT showed me how to be patient as a parent. It opened my mind to the responsibility I have in my hands - my kids."   

Using a family-centered model, SPIRITT Family Services is a 501c3 nonprofit, community-based organization established in 1972. With 5 family centers, SPIRITT serves residents from Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, La Puente, South El Monte, Glendora and surrounding areas.

SPIRITT is committed to providing vital social services to families. Programs emphasize prevention and early intervention. Services are delivered by culturally competent and qualified professionals.

Strength-Based Approach: Family Centered Model

SPIRITT Family Services has utilized. Strength-Based Family Centered model to meet the needs of each individual in a family unit for the last forty years. This comprehensive approach focuses on the positive characteristics of individuals and families to improve relationships, self worth, and quality of life. SPIRITT collaborates with parents/caregivers, youth and other community-based organizations to strengthen and preserve families through: education, case management, support services and counseling.






Core Values


Everyone deserves respect. Learning respect for self and for others, including those in authority, creates positive relationships.


Responsibility is taking ownership of our attitudes and behavior while also striving to be active, productive, engaged citizens.


Having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties is being resourceful. By identifying internal and external resources, we can make healthier choices.


Being resilient means withstanding adversity and recovering from difficult conditions. When we learn to be more resilient we develop a healthier, happier life.


Recovery is regaining what was lost. With support, recovery can be achieved by learning new skills to sustain positive relationships, emotional stability and personal satisfaction.